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Provincial Labour Office Mahasarakham

Make great commercial establishment of integrated track editor at the International Trade Co., Ltd..


On February 24 53 at 13:30 to 16:00 pm, Mr. Tong multiplying Borneo camphor provincial governor said net Mahasarakham assigned joy favors a deputy provincial governor as head of the Maha Sarakham. The inspection team to visit the workplace of Maha Sarakham province, 17 people (including working groups. Mahasarakham provincial governor as president and head of the government that the industry is working. Provincial Secretary of Labor is) great editor to make tracks Mahasarakham International Trade Branch. The manufacturer held the world’s leading trademarks. And sent overseas sales 100%. 

             From the inspection visit. Found that companies are obstacles that need assistance following. 
1. The lack of workers. Labor Department to add about 500 people sewing and various other field workers to 1,000 people to support expansion of production capacity. Which the Working Group. Proposed approach in solving a problem with aggressive release through various meetings, such as village chief / ผู้ใหญ่บ้าน. Conference President Abt. lead through volunteer labor. And create a student project – students study tour. Actual working conditions and more of such processes. 
2. Frequent power failure problems. Resulting in the production interruption. Maha Sarakham Province Provincial Electricity Authority has clarified that currently under construction, electricity sub-station districts บรบือ. Support services to customers. When construction is completed will be the power failure problem. 
3. The problem pages of street lighting is not enough. Frequently cause accidents. Working Group has appointed Gary Abt. Kaeng coordination with the Department of Highway revise Mahasarakham province. The prefect Oksumpisai regulators.

Said net happiness favors a deputy provincial governor Mahasarakham. Disclose information that results from this inspection visit a successful one. Because it needs to acknowledge the problems of the real workplace. All problems can order the agency responsible for helping fix it immediately.