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Provincial Labour Office Mahasarakham

TO BE NUMBER ONE club added its Thai (2003) Ltd. Winner 1 in 3 Northeast.


On February 10, 2553 Tolkrahmeam Ratana royal women Aubl girl. Siri Wattana Wdi species. His Highness is the president of the Royal Awards Ceremony for the club and provincial TO BE NUMBER ONE winning a contest at Northeast Pool Man, Khon Kaen hotels.

The Mahasarakham provinces sent representatives to contest TO BE NUMBER ONE project in 4 areas. 
Province Outstanding TO BE NUMBER ONE. 
TO BE NUMBER ONE club in the school outstanding. (School learning materials Gardens). 
TO BE NUMBER ONE club in the region’s outstanding community (แกดำ Community District แกดำ). 
TO BE NUMBER ONE Club and the establishment of small – medium Outstanding (complement of Thai (2003) Limited). 


Club Competition results TO BE NUMBER ONE complement of Thai (2003) Ltd. Representative Mahasarakham province entries in club TO BE NUMBER ONE in the workplace, small – medium Outstanding chosen as 1 in 3 outstanding club. Northeast of the country to contest the next level. The jubilee to people very Mahasarakham province.