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Provincial Labour Office Mahasarakham


The general geography of Mahasarakham. A plateau. Surface soil is sandy or sandy crumble. One reason is that this city dry of water in the dry season. Although it is rain water to flow out. No constraint is water. Formal problem-solving by building more reservoirs as such. Build water tanks. Artesian well drilling. 

To prevent water shortages. Province this summer is hot. The winter is frigid. But certainly some of the rain some years it is very rare. Area high average level of average sea level from 130 to 230 meters from the coastline cannot quite area north to the south east. Area contains a wave. 

Gray hills in general. But no mountains. Farm switch with a sparse forest. A wood in tropical. Known. Slightly higher elevation forests, such as antimony Ehiyong Krabk favorite nest trees, etc. Tumka the terrain can be divided into 3 areas are. 

             1) plains river. Most of the lowland river that flows through such Mahasarakham province. Chi River plains area. Oksumpisai the district. Kantrwichai Muang district. 

             2) space wave early. In the eastern district of Phayakkhaphoompisai. 

             3) high in areas north and east of the province. Districts in California not bow range. District เชียงยืน. And District Kantrwichai. Covering approximately 50 percent of the provinces.


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